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Marketing – it’s not a dirty word

I have not met too many small business owners who decided to go into their chosen profession because they love marketing and can’t wait to get their teeth into it. Mostly business owners dread the thought, hope that the phone will just ring, clients will flow into the business and that they will never have to ‘do it’

Let’s make marketing less daunting!

Change your mind-set

The very first thing to do is to look at what your own beliefs about marketing are and challenge them. If you believe that marketing is tacky and will send out the message that you are desperate or money-grabbing then that is how you may very well come across.

Why did you go into your chosen profession? Most often the answer is ‘to help people’ in whichever way you have chosen to do that. Marketing is purely a method to let people know that you can help them and invite them to take up your services

Be authentic and ethical  

If everything you do has the best interest of the client in mind, your marketing will be well received and not frowned upon. Marketing is a step in your client’s journey and it is simply about getting your message across so that your clients and prospective clients get to know you and how you might be able to help them

Be you and attract the clients you would like to work with. Don’t try to be someone or a business that you are not. Be genuine, be authentic, be ethical

People buy why you do what you do not what you do

If you’re a regular reader of our newsletter or have attended courses with us you’ll have come across Simon Sinek who we think is amazing! Have a look at his short TED talk here: Golden Circle.

People buy why you do what you do not what you do – they buy the results you get, they buy why you went into your profession in the first place – whatever your version of helping people is. If you can clearly communicate your ‘why’ you will attract clients who believe in what you believe and you will fill your business with your profile of perfect customers

Improve your retention

This absolutely has to be mentioned! One of the ways to avoid having to do loads of marketing is to actually retain the clients you have coming through the door. And again, the word ethical has to come in here!

We don’t mean getting clients through the door and over-selling to them. We have seen in many cases that business owners end up under selling their services fearing that they will be seen as money-grabbing and having unethical intentions. Or they decide that the client can’t afford their best products or services so don’t offer them – unless you’re a financial adviser you need to be the expert in your field, not in your clients’ wallets!

Put a plan in place

Over the years that we have been working with our clients helping them to enjoy their work and achieve their vision we have definitely noticed a higher success rate with clients who put pen to paper and set goals and their plan of how to achieve them.

Take time to outline your marketing activities for the next 6 – 12 months so that you have a clear action plan for each month. As marketing is probably not on the top of your enjoyable activities list it is far easier to implement if you have a written plan in place.