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Are you offering the best customer service?

This month’s topic was inspired by a combination of a meeting I had with a physio in Johannesburg and subsequent chats with some of her patients. Should Rozanne decide to immigrate to the UK, South Africa will be loosing one of their great physios and the UK will be gaining a proactive, patient-centred physio.


What are your clients buying?

One of our favourite speakers and authors, Simon Sinek, wrote a book called ‘Start with Why’ and one of the main teachings in his book is that people don’t buy what you do but why you do it.

People often choose their career because they want to help people in some way, solve problems, invent new things to hopefully make the world a better place. And if that wasn’t a conscious decision it almost always becomes the motivation to stay in that career.

Your customers are buying why you do what you do rather than what you do.

How are you marketing your services? Are you talking all about the technicalities of the product or service or are you talking about the benefits and results your client will get?


Link your product or service to your customers’ goals

We have seen a remarkable difference in business success when the owner really gets to understand their customers’ goals and needs.

It makes it so much easier to recommend the perfect product or service when you truly understand their needs and goals.

How can you be serving your clients better by truly understanding their needs and then designing the best solution for them?


Don’t means test your clients

This is a soap box topic! If you’ve attended any of my seminars or talks you will probably have heard me ask if anyone in the audience has got a financial degree behind them…the answer is usually a unanimous ‘No’ Unless of course that is your line of business!

Your expertise is in recommending the best service or product for your client, not on judging what their affordability is.

People and businesses decide how to spend their money and so often potential clients that might not have a lot of disposable income are the ones that make a plan to afford your product or service because they see the real value that they will receive

Be careful too if you believe that your product or service is expensive – don’t transfer your money beliefs onto your clients!