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If you have a team, a customised workshop might be the answer you’re looking for! We will start by understanding what the gaps are in the team dynamic and put together an agenda which is specific to your business needs. Below is an example of one of the popular day workshops we run for teams.

This custom designed workshop will support the team to:

  • Have a busier, more successful business
  • Build a strong returning and referring culture
  • Improve the client experience

At the end of the session, you will have cost effective ideas to implement which will enhance your clients’ experience and refer others to your business. You will leave with a clear plan of how to work more effectively as a team so that you all enjoy your work and achieve your vision.

Growing your list:

  • Being on purpose
  • Having a clear message
  • Ethical marketing ideas 

Patient Experience: 

  • The non-clinical client journey
  • Moments of truth
  • Standards and wow factors

Building your list: 

  • Establishing value and client buy-in
  • Generating a returning culture
  • Encouraging referrals


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